Pipes - François Dal | Sandblasted Morta Duke, Handcut Unicolored Cumberland Stem
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Sandblasted Morta Duke, Handcut Unicolored Cumberland Stem

Lenght : 16,2 cm / 6,38 in
Height : 5,16 cm / 2,04 in
Outside Diameter : 4,1 cm / 1,62 in
Chamber Diameter : 2 cm / 0,79 in
Chamber Depth : 3,9 cm / 1,54 in
Bit Thickness before the button : 4,28 mm / 0,169 in
Button Thickness : 6,6 mm / 0,26 in
Bit Width before the button : 16,5 mm / 0,65 in
Filter : None
Weight : 34 gr / 1,2 oz
Cleaner Test : Yes
Stamping :
François Dal – Handmade 2018 – (on stem) δ

In the family of shapes associated with poker, there is one less common: the Duke shape popularized by Dunhill Brand. It has in common with Poker, Cherrywood and Don: a shaft-shaped stummel, canted or not, but the Duke is distinguished by the absence of shank. This shank is here replaced by a metal connector on which just plug the stem. The advantage of the shape is a reduced weight compared to the presence of wood but also the fact that with the weight located on the front, the pipe will never rock once seated. The present model, carved in fossilized oak (called Morta) has a mineral aspect very pleasing to the eye, accentuated by the squared sanding, characteristic on this species of wood. It is mounted with an unicolored cumberland stem (handcut from a bar of german quality) that bends very slightly to give a softer, less rigid shape to the whole. This fossil oak is particularly light, I recommend a precoating to protect the chamber during the first smokes, but without obligation.  The shank is drilled at 4.2mm. The slot of the mouthpiece, carved concave, is well open in V for an optimal draw.  According to the French supplier, this Morta gris comes from Croatia, carved in oaks submerged for 4000 years.



Matière du tuyau





Duke / Don


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